frequently asked questions

    Who is Fiplate, Inc (FA)?

  • FB is the distribution Company for a potentially new treatment product called Fibrinoplate-S. Fibrinoplate-S is known as an artificial platelet product that can be administered to patients who are bleeding due to low platelet counts.

    What is Fibrinoplate-S?

  • Fibrinoplate-S is a premiere artificial platelet product. It is a third generation biological product intended for use in patients with an insufficient concentration of platelets, such as cancer patients, patients on an anti-platelet medication who need emergency surgery, those exposed to high doses of radiation and finally, patients infected with the EBOLA virus.

    Can this new treatment be effective against EBOLA?

  • It is believed that Fibrinoplate-S could be effective as supportive therapy to those suffering from the EBOLA virus as well as other hemorrhagic diseases.

    Is the new treatment a “cure”?

  • The new treatment is not a “cure” in the conventional sense. It is believed it will be enough supportive therapy for the patient to recover in the most natural way.

    What is the difference between supportive therapy and a vaccine?

  • Supportive therapy is any treatment, such as the intravenous administration of certain fluids, designed to reinforce or sustain the physiological well-being of a patient and/or relieve symptoms. Typically, supportive therapeutics are provided to people who are already infected with a virus. In contrast, vaccines are usually given to people before they are exposed to a virus or bacteria that causes a disease. A vaccine stimulates the immune system to generate antibodies and cellular immunity that can fight off an infection if it were to occur.

    Has Fibrinoplate-S been tested?

  • Yes, it has been shown in animal systems to improve the survival of subjects which have extremely low platelet counts due to massive (lethal) doses of radiation, doses equivalent to what our military or civilian personnel would have suffered during a nuclear event. The Federal Government has already approved funding through the National Institute of Health so that an independent institute, can expand on the astonishing results with this product.

    What is the status of Fibrinoplate-S?

  • Fibrinoplate-S was designated as a biological product by the FDA in 2012. The inventor is currently waiting for FDA designation for his request of Fibrinoplate-S Coated Spheres as an Orphan product for supportive therapy in patients infected with the EBOLA virus, which was requested on September 17, 2014 in response to the EBOLA virus.

    What is an orphan product or drug?

  • A pharmaceutical agent that has been developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition or a rare genetic disease, with the condition itself being referred to as an orphan disease.

    What is an orphan disease?

  • An orphan disease is a rare disease and is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people nationwide. The exact defined ratio differs between Countries, essentially it effects a small number of people and can be, but is not limited to, a genetic condition.

    Is EBOLA an orphan disease?

  • Yes, EBOLA qualifies an an orphan disease in the United States. Presently, there is no effective prophylactic treatment or cure for this often fatal disease.